The Trust directs more than 80% of its funding towards arts activity in Wales.

  • The majority of grants will be in the range of £5,000 to £20,000.
  • Larger grants are generally only awarded to organisations where a funding relationship with the Trust has been developed over several years.
  • Larger grants are more likely to be offered to fund activities that deliver strategic initiatives, and that would be unlikely to occur without the assistance of the Trust.
  • Larger grants are generally limited to organisations delivering high quality artistic activity in Wales.
  • An organisation wishing to discuss making an application for a larger grant (£20,000 plus) should contact the Trust prior to making an application.
  • Use the Grant Application Form when making an application to the Trust. Please limit your application to 4 pages, using point size no smaller than 10.
  • Generally, you should allow a minimum of 4 months between an application deadline, and the onset of any activity for which funding is requested.
  • The completed grant application, and budget should be emailed to the Trust, .
  • Only one other item of supporting information should be included with the application.
  • Do not include any images within the body of the application form. Should further information be required, it

    will be requested once the application has had an initial assessment.

  • Financial information related to the project should ideally be limited to 1 X A4 page and include a full project

    budget showing anticipated Income and Expenditure. The budget should balance.

  • If expenditure includes items already covered by other funding sources, including any items covered by any

    statutory funding, this should be clearly marked.

  • The completed application should be received by the Trust no later than 30 September, for consideration at

    the October/November meeting, or 31 March for consideration at the April/May meeting of trustees.

  • A letter written on the headed notepaper of the organisation should accompany the application.
  • Keep the applications concise (no more than 4 pages) avoid repetition and use bullet points rather than long


  • Applications will be expected to include clearly defined objectives and specific measurable targets for the


  • Organisations seeking further advice on making an application to the Trust should contact the Trust by email.
  • Please note that the Trust office operates on a part- time basis.
  • Applications will only be considered if the documents are presented in English.
  • The Trust representative may contact the applicant to discuss the application or to request additional

    information before presenting to the trustees.

  • Grants are subject to agreement to the Trust’s standard Terms and Conditions.

Guidelines Updated 16/2/2023