Many of these questions can be answered by careful reading of the Guidelines.

We are a “not for profit” organisation. Can we submit an application?

NO – only fully Registered UK based Charities with a Charity Number qualify for consideration.

We have applied for Charity status, but have not yet been approved. May we still apply?

No – you will not be eligible until you are Fully Registered, and have one full year of independently assessed accounts to include with your application.

When can we apply to the Trust?

The Trustees meet twice yearly – usually early May, and early November. It has two deadlines each year for receipt of applications, to enable these to be considered at these meetings – 31 March and 30 September.

You may apply at any time, but it is preferable for all completed applications to reach the Trust early in March and September. This ensures that the information given is the most up to date available.

How much time will it all take to get a decision?

You need to allow a minimum of at least 4 months for the process. The September deadline would be appropriate if applying for funding for projects taking place in the following year.

If you apply in March, the activity should not start earlier than June or July in that year.
Please allow sufficient lead-time for the process, and to ensure that all formalities are completed before the onset of any activity to be funded.

The project for which we seek funding has already started. Can we still apply?

No – The Trust will not consider funding projects that have already started. No retrospective funding will be considered. See exclusions in the Guidelines.

We applied at the last round, but were not successful. Can we put in another application for same project for the next round with a few changes?

NO – once the application has been presented to the trustees, and a funding decision has been taken, no further application for the same basic project will be accepted.