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Welcome to the Colwinston Charitable Trust website.

COVID - 19 Statement

The trustees will additionally consider funding applications early in February 2021.

Applications should reach the Trust no later than Thursday 31st December 2020. Amidst the immense uncertainty following the coronavirus pandemic the trustees of the Colwinston Charitable Trust (CCT) have with great reluctance taken the decision to suspend the majority of their grant-giving decisions until their October meeting.  There are two reasons for this: first that we feel as trustees we will not be able to forecast in May what organisations, if any, will be in a position to fulfil their plans.  It is almost impossible for us all.  It seems fairer, therefore, to delay the next round of grant-giving until October when hopefully we shall all be a bit clearer.  We have already received a small number of applications.  These applicants can either carry these forward until October, or, if they so wish, adapt them appropriately to take account of the delay.

Secondly, most of you will be aware that CCT derives its income from royalties from THE MOUSETRAP by Agatha Christie, both the London production and the regional tour.  In common with all theatrical shows, these have been suspended until further notice.  Consequently, CCT has no current income.  Hopefully, by the end of October the position will have become clearer.

Finally, a number of organisations will be expecting to receive grants from us during 2020 and afterwards.  You can be assured that we have retained sufficient resources to meet these pledges, although we will not be surprised to received proposals to amend, postpone or otherwise adjust the original grants due to current circumstances.

Please be in touch with our consultant Director, Amanda McMurray, with any queries.

The trustees’ best thoughts and wishes are with all organisations as they come to terms with our new reality.

5 April 2020

The Trust was established in 1995 by its founder and Chairman, Mathew Prichard CBE, and distributes grants to UK Registered Charities delivering high quality work in the Live Performing Arts and the Visual Arts. The funding is primarily directed towards the support of activity that benefits Wales.

The Trust derives its main income from royalties from the London production of The Mousetrap, the murder mystery written by Agatha Christie.

The play opened in 1952 and has been running continuously ever since, and with over 25,000 performances, has had by far the longest initial run of any play in history, and is the longest running show of any type in the world.

The five Trustees are:

Mr Mathew C T Prichard CBE (Chairman)
Miss Rebecca A Evans
Mrs Lucinda M Prichard
Mr Martin P Tinney
Miss Sian Ll Williams

The trustees meet twice yearly, early in May and late October / November to consider applications and make funding decisions. More than 80% of available funding goes to support activity that benefits the arts and people of Wales.

The Trust is especially interested in projects that demonstrate excellence in the relevant field.

Collaborative projects that assist organisations to share costs, skills and expertise, and that extend the range and reach of the activity to be funded are of particular interest.

High quality projects that help young people to better appreciate the possibilities the arts can offer, and those that aim to improve access and understanding of the art form are also of particular interest.

Please read the Trust’s Guidelines for more details about eligibility, priorities and procedures for making a grant application.


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